Retro Planets


Apparently if you're feeling a bit stuck and frustrated, that's to be expected this month. 

There are five planets going "retrograde" this month. To clarify, this is not the same as "Old Skool Grade" which One might think if you have no idea about astrology or even what science calls a planet appearing to go the opposite direction as the rest of the stars, but apparently this is a Big Deal.

As in, to quote a very reliable source, "Wow, I don’t know who pissed off whom, but this April is shaping up to be a real fuck-show."

So, let me right now recursively nerdly tell you I'm sorry to the entire world on everything I say between now and May 3rd because Mercury. 

chmod -R 777 /theWholeWorld/sorryForWhatISayUtilMay3

And while we're here: Other Retro Things

I figured since things are going retro, I'd participate in hopes to not piss off any more Juju / Karma / Gods Of The Sky / etc. Maybe if we keep the Universe entertained enough, shit won't hit the figurative fan. 

So, here in no particular order, are Things From The Past: 

1. I love you even if you are two

2. Those lost "cool" designs from before responsive, bootstrap, foundation, or flex grids. 

3. Mr. Smarty Pants

4.  Could you move your house anywhere

5. LB explains the swing set at age 3:

6. The house of mice by 3 yr old LB also: She's got a whole bunch of "mice" that go to school with her who only have two names.

If that's not going to make your spine tingle, I don't know what will. (Said someone else, I forget who, but not a Doctor.)

Posted: 4/11/2017

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