Parents vs Non Parents (from the never published archives)


I've been looking through old Evernote notes that I saved in "blog drafts". 

I found this from October 12th, 2014. It still seems appropriate. 


When I tell people:

“I go in the laundry room with my iPad and a glass of wine, shut the door, and do laundry while watching Grey’s Anatomy.”

Non-Parents: “That’s so sad. You drink alone?”

Parents: “BRILLIANT! OMG, I need a laundry room with a door.”

When I tell people:

“I travel for work.”

Non-Parents: “Isn’t it hard to be away from your kids? How do you handle it?”

Parents: “You have a hotel room TO YOURSELF?! OH, man! Lucky!" 

When I tell people:

“We make our kids submit an invoice before they get their allowance. They have to a) show us what they’ve done and b) remember to submit an invoice or else they don’t get paid.”

Non-Parents: “Ohmygod that’s so cruel!”

Parents: “Shhh, I’m taking notes!” 


*Note: There might be some old things I've had in draft and decided to share coming up. Mainly because someone out there has new kids and might benefit from the "Oh yea, this shit is real." Or you know, it might just be for me. Either way. 

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