Living The Punchline 1: You have to look the way you’re born


Day 1 of my new plan: “Living For The Story,” which, in reality, is more like “Living the Punchline” because y’all - Seriously. 

You know the phenomenon where woman want curly hair who have wavy/straight and curly hair women are always trying to straighten theirs? I’m no exception. My sister and her daughter have the envious curls while my daughter and I are stuck with straight, stringy, flat, lifeless hair. It’s the kind of hair nobody talks about. “Hey, can I look like her? The lady with the non-noticable hair? It’s so ... nothing.”

As an experiment, my daughter and I decided to go old school with rollers.

LB Curlers

Since it’s been roughly 181 years since I’ve done this, I forgot how long it takes hair to dry when it’s twisted up tighter than Sarah Palin’s knickers. So, when after several hours I needed to run to the grocery store, I put a scarf around them and went anyway.

Curlers at the grocery store

I did get a few looks but I’m pretty sure it was the cleavage.

Having failed at waiting long enough the first time, last night I had a grand idea to color my hair and then set it in curlers before bed. SURELY this would get me the results promised on the front of the package.


I figured it would look more amazing if I was a red head. Why not? I’ve never been a red head before.

hair dye

Wrapping up my hair in giddy anticipation of what I would look like the next morning, I fell in to a fitful, uncomfortable, neck-bending sleep on the “soft” curlers.

I had dreams of my hair.

Debra Messing Red Curly Hair

The time finally came to unveil the auburn ringlets this morning.



Leslie Is Not Debra Messing

Aside from the red roots, dark dark black ends and uneven pig-tail curls next to waves of chocolate, I think it looks about right. An Advertiser’s win.

**Do not try this at home
***Go to a professional
***It’s worth it

**Sorry about the lack of commenting available. If you want to add any feedback - *crigne* - you can do so here on the facebook page. I’ll fix this soon. ... Ish.

Posted: 4/6/2013