Clean Eating Articles: Click Through for You

I thought I’d share some of the fabulous information I’ve recently come across. Some fabulous people are out there writing about diet and fitness much better than I am. Here’s a snippet of some of the awesomeness.

Leigh’s “How to get fat skinny”.


First, there is a distinction between getting fit and losing weight. I’ll stick to losing weight in this post since that’s what most people think they want to do (I’ll talk about fitness later):
1.  Losing weight is ALL about diet.
2.  I’m not kidding.
3.  You can lose weight without exercising at all.
4.  Really.
5.  You can exercise like a mofo and not lose an ounce (or any size).
6.  I am not shitting you.
7.  You can do all the crunches you want; abs are made in the kitchen.

I appreciated the take at Life and Times of Stella about letting kids have sugar. I, too, having finished reading both In Defense Of Food and The Omnivore’s Dilemma appreciate the community, ownership, and value of Real Food. And, also, having been allowed treats on Saturdays only with very little sugar on a usual basis, can see every advantage to allowing children treats as a method for learning moderation, not deprivation.


Lemme tell ya, I gave up dairy for two and half months in a last-ditch effort to make breastfeeding work, and it eroded my soul. I’m 27% more evil now. Had I been forced to give up sugar and white flour too, which to me means insanely sexy chocolate and crusty loaves of French or Italian baked goodness, I would not be here today

Both hilarious, well written, with fabulous points. Glad to be on this path with such amazing people.

Posted: 4/1/2010