Hi. You've reached the 5x award nominated blog holding roughly 1.2% of votes three out of the thirteen years this site has been active. #nailedIt.

I mean, I don't want to brag or anything. That 1.2% of the vote made me giggle with joy.


I'm a developer at Tableau in Seattle. I frequently write about travel as a mom living with ADHD and learning mindfulness. I tell stories and take Photos.

This journal is a history of sorts. It's recorded an unfolding of a mid-life crisis, the first trip I ever took alone to speak in Europe which unleashed my inner need to Go Places. I've talked openly about marriage and raising difficult toddlers. I shared my teen daughter's suicide hospitalization and journey through depression. It's a little time capsule of our lives and I've been honored to meet people here in this space, way before Facebook existed, and connect to a community and grow as an individual, a parent, a developer, and a person.  


I've been around for a long time. Not just in the way that I can purchase alcohol without being carded, but on the Interwebz, in this little space, for longer than Kids These Days have been alive. Literally. As in my babysitter is younger than my blog. 

Here are a few favorite posts from over the decades:

Here is the day Amy (Amalah) linked to me and my mind exploded with glee and girl crush stuff. Yes, this wayback worthy.

Here are some of those old blog awards. Remember those? These links are worth the visit because the wayback machine lets No Blog Design Die Ever. Oh, Internet, we used to do table-based layouts and inline styles. And so, so, so many clipart graphics. 

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Thinking Blogger Award: Jenny (The Bloggess)


I've been a lot of different people in my career but there's always a single thread. See my portfolio here or check out the long list of great people I've worked with in the past.

Updated: Feb 2018